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"If you have been blessed by this ministry,
why not be a blessing today." - Doreen Giles

Lord Lead Me DGiles April 2012
Where Do You Live? DGiles April 2012
Are You A Defender Of The Faith?
(Powerpoint Notes)
RGiles April 2012
Hindrances Real or Perceived? JPrice Apr 2012
For His Fame They Cried Hosanna, For His Sacrifice, There Are No Words... DGiles Apr 2012
Who Cares For My Soul? DGiles Mar 2012
To Whom Does The Battle Belong? DGiles Mar 2012
A Reason Not To Go Back DGiles Mar 2012
Are You a True Follower of the Way JPrice Feb 2012
Have You Received The Holy Ghost? DGiles 1/01/12
What Is It That You Want? DGiles 12/31/11
Decisions RGiles 12/25/11
Where are the Weeping? CGilbert 11/20/11
Number Our Days D Giles 11/16/11
The Lord Has Set Me Apart DGiles 11/13/11
Getting Your Deliverance DGiles 10/30/11
Use Your Keys J Price 10/23/11
Are You a Warrior or A Wimp? J Price 10/16/11
You Have Too Many Men... D Giles 10/9/2011
Why You Should Live Right Now D Giles 9/25/2011
Kingdom Privilege D Giles 2011
Dare to Be Different D Giles 2011
How's Your Vision? D Giles 2011
Why the Attitude? D Giles 2011
Worryfree D Giles 2011
When Favor Is Not Enough J Price 2010
You Are Privileged D Giles 2010
Change J Price 2010 Conference
Love A Gray 2010 Conference
Priorities J Price 2010 Conference


J Lescano 2010 Conference
Desire D Giles 2010 Conference
Pearls of Wisdom J Price 2010
Why Pray? PT 1 D Giles 2010
Why Pray? PT 2 D Giles 2010
Year of Recovery D Giles 2010
I Keep Forgetting to Die D Giles 2009  
Ask, Seek, Knock (A.S.K.) D Giles 2009

Search the Bible:

Take Away The Reproach J Price 2009
Lambs Among Wolves D Giles 2009
Can You Handle The Truth? D Giles 2009
Faking It Can Be Fatal   2008
Bible Studies
Sin in the Church D Giles Feb 2012  
Our Relationship With Sin Pt.II D Giles Feb 2012  
Our Relationship With Sin Pt.I D Giles Feb 2012  
Courtship of Immorality D Giles Feb 2012  
What Season Are You In? D Giles Jan 2012  
How To Save A City 12/21/11 D Giles 2011  
Is Jesus the Reason for the Season(12/14/11) D Giles 2011  
Cultural Perspective and Your Christian Worldview D Giles 2011  
Habits of the Mind (11/30/11) J Price 2011  
Where Do Forgiveness And Accountability Meet?(11/9/11) D Giles 2011  
Who Told You That You Were Naked? (11/2/11)   Genesis Series 2011  
The Fall of Man (10/19/11)   Genesis Series 2011  
Let There Be Light (10/12/11)   Genesis Series 2011  
Who Is Man? (10/5/11)   Genesis Series 2011  
Creation(9/28/11)   Genesis Series 2011  
Romans 3 D Giles    
Romans 2 D Giles    
Romans 1 D Giles    
False Prophets and Teachers J Price Lesson 2  
World Was Not Worthy DGiles Hebrews Series 2011  
The Right Cloud D Giles Hebrews Series 2011  
Don't Be Lame D Giles Hebrews Series 2011  
So Many Witnesses D Giles Hebrews Series 2011  
Reality of Faith D Giles Hebrews Series 2011  
What is Your Reality D Giles Hebrews Series 2011  
Perfect Sacrifice D Giles Hebrews Series 2011  
Willful Rejection D Giles Hebrews Series 2011  
Hebrews 9 D Giles Hebrews Series 2011  
For Conscience Sake D Giles Hebrews Series 2011  
Hebrews 8 D Giles Hebrews Series 2011  
Hebrews 7 Pt 1 D Giles Hebrews Series 2011 wav file
Hebrews 7 Pt 2 D Giles Hebrews Series 2011 wav file
Gifts of the Spirit Pt. 1 D Giles    
Nurtured to Be Normal J Price    
Collateral Damage J Price    
How's Your Vision? [6/8/11]      
Living On The Promise [6/1/11]      
"He Is and He Rewards" [5/18/11]      
"What Climate Do You Live In?" [5/11/11]      
"The Reality of Faith" [5/4/11]      
Christ the Perfect Sacrifice DGiles Hebrews Series  
SSM Worship      
Recover It All! SSM Worship Team 2011  

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